From Earth to the Stars

When you've made over a thousand posts, eventually, shots start getting old, and you get bored and start looking for something unique to do.  That was the impetus behind this "Photoshop Phantasy" I created, depicting Disneyland Paris' Space Mountain actually set out in the cosmos. 

In real life, the blatant brightness of everything around makes the stars quite difficult to see, but what if the light pollution was severely reduced--even though the scene itself was still bright?  What if the Columbiad really did launch rockets into interstellar travel?  Wouldn't that be pretty cool?  Well, to create the photo below, I took a nighttime shot of Disneyland Paris (a couple of them, actually), did a manual HDR, then overlaid them onto a picture I took earlier this year from Joshua Tree National Park.  I masked the stars in in layers to avoid a jarring effect where the sky met the subject.  What do you think?

A Photoshop edit of Disneyland's Space Mountain, if it really was a space port!


  1. Great job! If I didn't know - or it didn't occur to me - that there was light pollution, I wouldn't have noticed that anything was off about it!

    1. If I had a better personally shot star photo, that would have worked better. But as it is, this is the best star photo I've taken that worked with the shot.


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