Paint the Night

Exactly one week ago, Disneyland publicly debuted it's new nighttime spectacular, the Paint the Night Electrical Parade.  Billed as the successor to the Main Street Electrical Parade (Disney will have you forget about the Light Magic debacle), it is a truly stunning achievement of lighting and color and wonder and whimsy.  Paired with a catchy soundtrack and floats from some of Disney's most popular movies and franchises, Paint the Night is a great part of the Disneyland 60th Anniversary celebration.

For now, I recommend staying for the later 11:00pm show, which is easier to get seats for, if you don't want to wait for a good spot for the 8:50pm earlier show.  Here are a few photos from the parade, which has already proven so popular that people have been camping out for hours just to get a prime viewing spot.

The parade kicks off with dancing fairies harkening the coming of colorful illumination.

As will be a common theme, their costumes are embedded with lights that change color.
Next are Tinkerbell and her fairy friends, Rosetta, Iridessa, and Silvermist.

The light cast in this parade makes for some great photographic opportunities!

Rosetta greets a guest.
Tinkerbell soars up Main Street, trumpeting the arrival of the parade.

Yes, it's the Paint the Night Electrical Parade!

Next are some floats that viewers of the short-lived World of Color preshow may recognize.

Although I'm not sure if these are the exact same large scale puppets, they sure look the same!

Second main float: Monsters, Inc.

Sulley's in front, and Mike's in the back!

The Pixar parading continues with Cars!

Lightning McQueen is sleek and luminous!

His "pit crew" is also quite high tech.

And then, there's Mack, in all sorts of visually stunning glory.

Mack's trailer bed features a shimmering lattice of light arrays that have to be seen in person to be truly appreciated.

These photos don't do the effect any justice.

I thought this was a nice shot, capturing the wonder of an audience member.

A few people have expressed dismay that an 18-wheeler can roll up Main Street and be a part of a Disney parade, but frankly, I'm more upset that they included DJ in the lineup, since I irrationally hate that character.

Up next, The Little Mermaid segment.

This float may be the most impressive and visually spectacular looking, in my opinion.

Ariel is live and speaks to the audience, happy to be part of their world.

Nemo and Marlin swim through jellyfish afterward.

The Toy Story segment is preceded by Jessie and some luminescent dancing cowboys and cowgirls.

Slink is also a pretty cool float.

Woody has the front.

Buzz Lightyear sits in back, detecting high amounts of colored light.

Then comes the princess segment, heralded by glowing Victorianesque dancers.

Belle is in her magnificent ball gown.
The rose behind her acts as a screen and changes.

More dancers in beautiful and brilliant costumes.

Rapunzel is along for the ride, hair aglow and all.

Cinderella greets guests too.

And of course, there has to be some Frozen included, whether you like it or not.

And like the movie or not, the float itself is quite impressive!

Want warm hugs?

Light-up fan blade carrying performers proceed next.

This is another cool effect much better witnessed in person than captured photographically.

The classic Disney characters mean we're nearing the end.

Donald, Minnie, and Goofy ride little glowy balls.

Donald Duck seems to be enjoying the ride.

And Sorcerer Mickey finally arrives.  Last, but certainly not least!

He's got an interesting float as well.

These lit up "lollipops" are constantly moving along the spiraling track, creating a hypnotic light vortex effect.

And that's the parade! It may be my favorite 60th Anniversary entertainment.  I haven't decided for sure, but I'm definitely hooked on this brand new, ultra popular, and highly magical show!


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