The Bedazzled Castle, Part 3

In the near-month since I posted my last batch of 60th Anniversary Sleeping Beauty Castle photos, there really hasn't been much visible change.  As far as I'm aware, all that's left to be added is the "60" medallion that hangs in front of the draped bunting over the portcullis.  So here are some more overview and detail shots of the castle!

Looking at the castle near the bridge.

Angle from closer to the Fantasy Faire side.

Close-up of the diamond capped... not sure what these are.  They probably play a part in the upcoming Disneyland Forever fireworks show?

Jewels and gems everywhere.
Yes, everywhere.
The banners are definitely lovely, and I don't mind that they're a darker blue than the castle roof.

It would sure be nice to own real diamonds this big, wouldn't it?

From The Hub.

A bit of the OSHA-compliant fall protection remains on the sides of the castle to guard from any maintenance people accidentally falling off the side.  Safety first!  ...even if it's unfortunately unsightly.

People have definitely been enjoying the bedazzled castle as a photo backdrop, though.


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