Nighttime Illumination at the Park

I have an extensive backlog of unprocessed photos from all of my trips to the Disneyland Resort, and sometimes, I forget to go back to shots that I initially meant to process because I really liked how they turned out in camera.  Thus, when I do rediscover these shots, they become a welcome surprise... a present to myself from myself that brings the joy of a beautiful moment capture and the idyllic ambiance preserved in photo form. 

I feel this way about the photo below, which is just a simple scene from Paradise Pier, but which turned out very nicely in my opinion.  There's a depth in composition and a smoothness and clarity to the exposure that I am always striving to attain but don't always reach.  Plus, the serenity emanating from this scene just makes me feel happy.  It's one of those photos I want to step into to relive that memory and tranquility, and I hope it's the same for you!

Paradise Park stands peacefully still at the end of the night under a bright full moon.


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