Kali River Rapids

Disney Animal Kingdom is home to a variety of nature-themed attractions, some matching what's found at animal parks, others being more traditional theme park rides.  Kali River Rapids, in the Asia section of the park, is more of the latter, but the theming around it certainly maintains an ecological theme.  Highlighting the plight of habitat destruction and illegal logging, the ride takes guests through a beautiful forested area before giving way to scenes of the wilderness being pillaged by loggers.  Riders avoid several perilous encounters with irresponsible logging equipment before plummeting down a three story drop, certainly getting drenched along the way. 

The ride was Disney's first attempt at a rapids attraction, making it the precursor to Grizzly River Run at Disney California Adventure.  Those who have ridden both will probably notice similarities in flow and layout too, but one thing's for certain: on a warm day, the rapids are the ride for cooling off!

Riders enjoying a splash on the rapids at Animal Kingdom!


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