Mystic Manor Blues

Mystic Manor is pretty amazing in a myriad of ways, mostly on the interior, where Disney has crafted what I consider to be its best attraction ever and the best ride I've ever been on at any theme park (yes, that includes Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, which I recently experienced at the soft open Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood--but I digress from non-Disney talk...).  With a trackless and dynamic ride system, incredible effects, a wonderful story, an addictive musical theme, and an adorable protagonist, Mystic Manor is truly the pinnacle of the next generation of rides.

But outside is pretty fantastic too.  With a show building fronted by a quizzical looking building that is Haunted Mansion-esque--if the Mansion was part Winchester Mystery House, part Victorian mansion, part eclectic spires from architectural styles around the world.  And together, they from a facade for the wonders that are concealed within the jungle paradise home of Lord Henry Mystic!


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