Waiting for the Chef

It may seem odd to recreate Paris just outside of Paris, but that didn't stop Disney Imagineers from creating a California-themed park in the state of California when they designed Disney California Adventure.  Over in Walt Disney Studios, though, only a small portion of the park is Parisian--an area devoted to Ratatouille and built to the house Ratatouille: Remy's Crazy Adventure.  It's richly detailed, evocative of the France area at EPCOT and romanticizing of the City of Lights.  And it seems successful, since it plays upon a movie's portrayal of Paris rather than attempt to precisely recreate the real thing.  At the very least, it's one of the few areas of this park that I find incredibly photogenic.

Guests wait to ride the Ratatouille attraction at Walt Disney Studios, in Paris.


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