Adventureland in a Twilight Zone

Through the magic of photo manipulation, I have taken an image completely devoid of guests and made it look like it was early evening, where such a shot would be impossible.  This wasn't done in the way you might first guess--taking a photo of the sky during the early evening and then returning late at night (or even staying in the same location for hours, something for which I have zero patience).  Instead, I took a three-exposure HDR and took advantage of a particularly cloudy and light reflected evening to create a night sky that was more purple and blues than blacks.  Everything else is what you would normally see at the park an hour after closing--stands closed, guests gone, and only a few cast members wrapping up.  But hey, it looks like an anachronistic photo, and I like how it turned out.

Adventureland with the skies of dusk and the crowds of 1am.


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