The Force of Tomorrowland

Welp, the Season of the Force lasted far longer than I ever expected to when it debuted last November.  Back then, given the timing and the title, I thought it might be an unofficial Christmas overlay for Tomorrowland.  After all, with the Star Wars movies coming out once a year during the holidays for the next few years, it does feel like Christmas to sci-fi geeks (who adore Star Wars).  But the success prompted Disney to extend the event, and it went into spring, and then summer.  But now, the fall season has arrived, and with the completion of the Diamond Anniversary celebration, it's time for Halloween Time.  And for Tomorrowland, that at least means the end of Hyperspace Mountain.

Of course, since I'm writing this post ahead of time, I could be entirely mistaken and discover that Season of the Force is continuing without its marquee E-Ticket.  That would be... about the par thing for Disney to do these days.

A nighttime scene over Tomorrowland.


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