Sally's Haunted Mansion

It's the time of the year again when The Nightmare Before Christmas takes over the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland and transforms it into the Haunted Mansion Holiday!  This year, Sally seems to be the star, as a new animatronic of her has debuted in the graveyard, while this year's ginger cake (which changes every year) is done in the style of her stitched up self.  It's pretty fun stuff, so lets take a pictorial tour through this now-classic holiday overlay of a beloved attraction!

A colorful facade greets riders as they board their Doom Buggies.
Vampire Teddy makes his first of many appearances as the ride begins.

Zero floats down the Neverending Hallway, a pile of bones waiting for him as a present.

Vampire Teddy again, this time with a present that just can't wait to get out!

This is clearly a monstrous wreath.  You should make sure not to get caught in its teeth.

Madame Leota calls out the presents of the 13 Days of Christmas.

Onto the Ballroom scene.  Clearly, Halloween literally crashed the party.

The gingerbread houses seem to get more and more spectacular each year!

Onto the attic, and one of my favorite random things: vampire duck.

All sorts of terrifying presents for the boils and ghouls.

This is a very photogenic scene to shoot, due to the brightness.

Hatbox Ghost is back in his holiday overlay this year.

Jack seems pretty pleased.

And the graveyard has now been covered in bright Christmas snow!

Sally stands behind a tombstone and reflects plaintively.

Here is the Mansion's Halloween-Christmas tree!

More scenes around the graveyard.

It's all quite spooky fun!
Oogie Boogie is on hand at the end to determine guests' tricks and treats.  Mostly tricks.
And at the end of the ride, Little Sally bids all a good night.


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