Scenes at the Treehouse

If you've frequented this blog, you'll know that photographing from atop Tarzan's Treehouse is a longtime favorite habit of mine.  You can find plenty of photos overlooking the Rivers of America and New Orleans Square and beyond if you dig around.  But photographing the treehouse itself can also be pretty fun, in part because of the variety of angles and details that can be found all up and down this arbor abode.  Here are a few shots of Tarzan's Treehouse that I've taken over the years.

Golden hour upon the Treehouse.
Gazing up from the Riverbelle Terrace.
The rope bridge across from one side to another.

The killer of Tarzan's parents looks a tad derpy.
Sunshine flaring across some "foliage."
Jane sketches Tarzan.
Looking across the rope bridge from the other perspective.
The humid summer burning off in the afternoon distance.
An old rowboat hangs about.
At the base, the camp features a collection of scientific specimen.
Lots to study, indeed.
Always a pretty sight.


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