The Rainy Hub

That feeling you get when you drive to Disneyland hoping it will rain... and then it does rain... and then it stops raining, which affords enough saturation on the ground to get those slick nice reflections.  So you go snapping photos, and you get pushed back by Disney security eager to clear the area early, since it's a soggy night.  But you want that castle shot... and the security guard just won't get out of the shot, and he's rather abrasive when you ask.  And lets face it: there's no genuinely polite way to ask someone to move.  You have to sound a little bit like a jerk.  What do you do?

Well, the easy solution is to crop.  So you do just that.

Main Street and the castle after the rain... and a security guard that just wouldn't get out of the shot.
Wait, that's better.


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