The Train Conductor

The Disneyland Railroad currently remains closed for renovations related to the Rivers of America adjustment to accommodate "Star Wars" Land (now officially set to open 2019, by the way), but the locomotives are still on display over at Main Street and New Orleans Square stations.  For train lovers, this is a great chance to admire these beautiful steam engines up close.  It's also a great chance to pick the brains of the Disneyland railroad conductors who normally work the attraction.

These cast members are passionate about trains, and many have been with the park for significant amount of time.  Ripe with stories and memories, they provide fantastic conversations to anyone willing to chat.  I had one such experience last year, spending a good thirty minutes learning from and conversing with a conductor named Augie, who related his own memories of the park and of his love of trains.  I left the experience with a profound admiration for Augie and the other cast members who run the railroad.  Each has wonderful stories to tell, and it's great that they have a chance to share their love even while the Disneyland Railroad remains not in operation.

Disneyland Railroad conductor, Augie, sitting in the engine car.

A closer shot.
The exterior of the C.K. Holliday on display during a beautiful summer day last year.


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