Along the Old River

The Rivers of America have been closed for a while now, getting re-routed and changed up to accommodate "Star Wars" Land.  Here's a throwback to the River that was... which was only a little more than a year ago.  But that is a part of the park that has faded away to Yesterland, so here's a trip back to memory lane.

The Mark Twain steams around the Rivers of America at sunset.
History is all along the river.  For example, this old keelboat that used to operate along the River decades ago.
The no-longer-burning cabin on Tom Sawyer's Island.

Animals along the river.
A Native American chief greets riverboat passengers along the river.
A Native American village along the water.
This will return in the re-routed Rivers of America.
More "wildlife" at the shoreline of the wilderness.
Returning back toward Frontierland, guests glimpse evidence of the old Mine Train to Nature's Wonderland.
History upon history all along the river.


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