Dapper Day Spring 2017: The Dappers

These days, Dapper Day seems to have gone mostly to the Disneybounders--those derivative and creative outfits that use the general patterns and color palettes of characters (and rides, and sometimes foods and other park inspirations) to create outfits out of "everyday" clothes.  But Dapper Day was originally borne of the spirit of dressing up in vintage fashion--mid-century or earlier, to evoke the atmosphere of Disneyland during its early days.  Back in the '50s and '60s, most everyone wore their Sunday finest when visiting the park.  It was both the wardrobe trend of the time and a special occasion, and the nostalgia of that aesthetic continues to burn brightly in the hearts of many Disney park fan.

So while Dapper Day is practically Disneybound Day these days, the original spirit of the event can still be seen from guests who dress up not to any specific Disney property, but to a bygone era instead.  Here are a few snapshots I caught on Sunday.

If you'd like to see more photos from this season's Dapper Day, head on over to partner site Westcoaster for an update they did today (which really means I did, since--full disclosure--I also effectively run that site now) on Dapper Day!


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