The Shanghai Disneyland Metro

Because it's spiffy and new in a relatively undeveloped area, the Shanghai Disneyland Resort has a connection to Shanghai's surprisingly nice light rail system to allow tourists and city dwellers to use public transport to visit the park.  The train isn't too helpful for those coming from Pudong International Airport, as visitors must take three lines with several transfers, but from the city, it's not bad at all.

Once on property, guests exit a sleek and shiny station that evokes organic forms and clean lines.  It's not incredibly spectacular, but it's not plain either.  Instead, the architectural aesthetic is a nice blend of modern practicality with a splash of excitement.  And of course, for those who want to visit the city from Disneyland, a hop on this stop is perfect for getting into the city in just under an hour!

Entering the Shanghai Disney Station.
On a beautiful morning, the station sees a good amount of traffic.
The interior is playful and airy, leading guests to the lower level tracks.


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