The Buccaneer Shootout

On Pirates of the Caribbean, one of the most iconic scenes is the jailed pirates trying to lure the dog holding the prison keys to a noose.  It's the target of many a Disney photographer picture, but in my opinion, just as photogenic is the next scene, featuring the wild shootout among various pirates within a creaking, falling apart armory.  The splintering wood, burning embers, and fragile structure all make for a precarious position, which makes the senseless shootout even more comical.  The environment itself isn't that easy to photograph, since it's so dark, but I was able to do it during a past trip when the boat backed up for an extended period of time.  This gave me the chance to fire off longer exposures in greater stillness, and the result of one of the attempts was this photo below!

The final shootout is explosive and befits a moody, mysterious setting.


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