Jungle Cruising Through the Day

It's always a fun and jokes-filled experience through the Jungle Cruise.  Amidst the overgrown tropical wilderness, where exotic creatures roam, guests must duck poisonous puns and stealthy wordplay to survive a trip through the rainforests and veldts and rivers of the world.  Someone, the skipper always navigates the way through, and it ends up being so exciting that they go back for another round!  And another... and another...

This 500 lb Bengal tiger can leap over 25 feet in the air, so stay 20 feet away from it.
Seeing a herd of bathing Indian elephants is practically unherd of!
A fellow Jungle Cruise boat navigates the treacherous waterways of Adventureland.

This bull elephant is the second most feared animal in the jungle.
Here are lions enjoying their favorite treat; Zebra on the rocks.
Hey, are you wiggling your ears and blowing bubbles??
Say ahhh!
Oh no! It's an ambush!! And other dangerous plantlife.
Finally, here's Trader Sam and his pet baby elephant, Ellie.  You may think that's water coming out of Ellie's nose, but it'snot.


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