Stone Sculptures in Adventure Isle

Disney parks are full of little details, many designed to be seen off the beaten path or out of the main line of sight of a major attraction.  At Shanghai Disneyland's Adventure Isle, one example of this lies in the stone creatures scattered about beside the walking path on the way to Roaring Rapids.  The mostly petrified animals are abstract, meant more to reflect artistic sculpture.  There are also animals meant to be viewed as real, lurking in the water, or more detailed sculptures.  It all adds subtle depth and ambiance to a beautiful park!

Evening in Adventure Isle is very pretty.
Those with keen eyes can spot some unique formations.
A couple of "ducks" perch on a rock.

This delicately balanced wildcat seems to stand on alert.
A crocodile lurks in the water in the distance.
Seems like a stone dragon or serpent has settled in too.


  1. Wait... so the crocodile is fake, but is the iguana fake too? He looks pretty convincing.

    1. Which iguana? First and fourth photos show the same angle.


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