The House of Mystic Hill

The first time I visited Hong Kong Disneyland, I understood that Mystic Manor was an evolution of the Haunted Mansion with a wholly unique aesthetic, but at the time, I may not have fully understood the architectural references.  Mostly, I was fascinated by the onion dome atop the tower to the left of the front entry of the house.  It felt very Orthodox architecture to me... like something out of Russia or somewhere in that area.  Since then, however, I've also had a chance to visit the Winchester Mystery House, in San Jose, and now, the similarities really abound.  From a colorfully Victorian aesthetic to sweeping and sprawling forms, Mystic Manor definitely provides a bit of homage.  But as interesting as the exterior looks, Mystic's Manor interior is even better.  It's the total package--my favorite Disney ride in all of the Disney theme parks!

The eccentric home of Lord Henry Mystic.


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