Country Bear Reflector-ee

On my last visit to Tokyo Disneyland, I was fortunate enough to be in the park after a light drizzle, which left the ground nice and slick and ripe for wonderful reflections.  Unfortunately, the Resort does not allow tripods inside, which makes those nice nighttime long exposures a lot trickier to obtain.  Photographers need to rely on trash cans, fence rails, or other means of stabilizing a camera for an extended period of time to get the necessarily lengthy exposures.

In the shot below, I wanted this angle but didn't have anything flat immediately nearby.  So I tried my best to brace my camera against a building post and hold as tightly as I could.  The result turned out well enough.  Reflections glistening, with a Country Bear Jamboree thistling.  It's a golden sight!

A rainy evening glance at the Country Bear Theater at Tokyo Disneyland.


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