Welcome to Hong Kong Station

To California Disney fans, Hong Kong Disneyland can start out like a weird and trippy experience.  Entering the park brings scenes that are at once familiar yet... different.  Sometimes, the difference is very subtle--the architecture being too perfect, or an alternate name for a familiar shop or restaurant.  And sometimes, it's noticeable to just foreign--like the mountains behind Sleeping Beauty Castle.  It all starts at the entry, though, when guests see the floral arrangement of Mickey Mouse fronting the Disneyland Railroad Main Street station.  There are plenty of guests who mill around to take photos in front of the iconic setting, just as in California.  But the view is also unobstructed--Hong Kong has no wrought iron fencing to prevent guests from climbing onto the planter area.  See?  The same, yet... different.

A familiar greeting on a different continent.


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