Revenge of the Redhead

On Friday, Pirates of the Caribbean reopened after a month-long refurbishment to redo the auction scene.  It has been a hotly debated decision, with fans on both sides arguing on whether it's better to preserve the original spirit of attraction or change for the sake of modern sensibilities.  I won't comment on that in this post, but I do think the scene is now better lit for photography.  So enjoy some photos of the scene below.  It definitely photographs great!

The auction scene has been retooled in the refurbished Pirates of the Caribbean.

No longer are wenches being sold off to lusty pirates.  Instead, the townspeople are having their goods force-auctioned.

The Redhead is no longer one of the victims.  Instead, she's joined the pirates' side and is a pillager too.

She cracks jokes about pirates wanting more rum.  The townsfolk don't seem amused.

And the rotund woman still shifts her cargo, but rather than show 'em her larboard side, she's instructed to show 'em her "flock"... of hens.


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