Columbia at the Waterfront

One of the ways I describe how utterly unreal the theming at Tokyo Disney Sea is to point out the S.S Columbia, a steamship located in the American Waterfront section of the park.  The Columbia is a near-life scale replica of the types of ocean liners that used to regularly traverse the Atlantic.  And it's built at Tokyo Disney Sea... because.  There is no ride in it.  Not even a theater show (though it is the backdrop of a show at the park.  In fact, the only thing it actually holds for guests is the exuberant Teddy Roosevelt Lounge, which also seems like it was built in because they had a structure to house something.

So in effect, Tokyo Disney Sea is so magnificent that they built a freaking steamship just to act as theming.  Nowhere else would you see that commitment to atmosphere.  But that's why they call this park the Sea of Dreams!

The Columbia docked near the Hotel Hightower at the American Waterfront.


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