Los Muertos del Zocalo

Whenever I get a new DSLR camera (which is not that often--I'm averaging once every 5 years right now), I will often go back to a familiar location or scene that is technically challenging and try taking photos again with the new camera, to see how my upgraded sensor and hardware performs.  Such is the case with the photos of Zocalo Park during Halloween Time.  These are all freehand, and I wanted to see how much dynamic range my newer Nikon D750 could capture.  While it doesn't quite meet the performance of a properly edited HDR, the results are still pretty solid.  The highlights are a little blown out, but the camera is able to capture the scene with relatively little noise, and lots of quality recovery in the shadows.  This is advantageous, since it means I can photograph certain night scenes "well enough" without necessarily having to whip out my tripod and set up each scene.  That way, I can spend less time here and move on to my next shots, if I'm ever on a time-crunched photo run!


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