Fiesta at the Plaza

Día de los Muertos is a colorful, light-hearted, celebration of the spirits and the departed.  Though commonly associated with Halloween, it's not actually a Mexican version of Halloween--more of a Memorial Day for the family.  But the timing of the event next to Halloween typically means it's included in Halloween festivities, and California Adventure is no different, with its Plaza de la Familia conjuring up the ambiance of the hit Pixar film, Coco, to provide a lovely activity and photo area celebrating the culture of the holiday.  This makes for some photogenic scenes, even where there's no real feature.  The composition below caught my eye last weekend because of the way the crafts cart juxtaposes with the light tree in the background and the mural beyond that.  Plus, all the colorful tablecloths and the saturated colors from the long exposure make for a vibrant scene--well in the spirit of the Day of the Dead!

A colorful scene in Paradise Park in the Plaza de la Familiar overlay for Halloween Time.


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