Mountain to the Stars

The colorful architecture and structures of Disneyland Paris' Discoveryland are brimming with a retro-futuristic fantasy of a tomorrow that never was, and as such, remains timeless.  It remains--in my opinion--the most successful execution of a Tomorrowland in any Disney park (though Shanghai Disneyland's Tomorrowland clocks in a close second).  It was so well done that back in 1998, the Imagineers tried to paint Disneyland Anaheim's Tomorrowland in the same scheme.  But it wasn't done quite as well.  In fact, the refurb went on to become one of the most infamous Disney blunders in fandom--to the point where when they finally repainted the area over a decade later, it was greeted with much aplomb from the theme park fan community.

All the while, though, Discoveryland remains a beautiful and wonderfully executed theme land. 

Space Mountain in all its colorful vibrance in Discoveryland.


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