The Trail by a Future Galaxy

Although it opened last year, I've never really had a chance to take photos of the revamped Big Thunder Trail, winding north of Big Thunder Mountain, separating the rest of the park from the soon to open Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.  The new trail is a lot different from the previous rustic form, eschewing the woodsy ranch vibe for more canyon rockwork and a cavernous grotto feeling.  The overhanging rock provides shelter from the sun and rain, and a distinct barrier between the rest of Disneyland and the upcoming galaxy far far away.  A couple of weekends ago, I happened to be in the area late when I saw that there was no one in sight.  Seeing the ground slick from the drizzle just a couple of hours prior, I felt compelled to snap a few shots of the vibe.  After all, even in the later hours, it's tough to get Disneyland completely empty these days--not unless one is literally the last person in a scene.  Such is the popularity of the park, one that will grow even more once the next expansion comes to town on May 31st!


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