Toontown Pinks

Normally, by this time of year, Disneyland's beloved tabebuia trees have burst forth with a wonderful springtime explosion of color, brightening the park with their trademark pink blossoms.  But despite an abundance of rain this year, thusfar, the blooms haven't happened yet.  Given that the last few years have seen blooms start in February, it might seem weird--until you realize that the weather has been so cool this winter that the buds haven't received any natural cues that springtime is actually coming.  That might change soon with this weekend warming up, but for now, we can only look to last year for springtime memories and vibrance.  This shot of the Mickey Mouse Fountain in Toontown in front of a lone tabebuia tree is a romanic ode to such.

Mickey conducts a watery symphony in front of Minnie's house, laden in tabebuia blooms.


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