Fantasyland Fires in the French Sky

Tomorrow, I'll be leaving on a vacation to Europe and--among other destinations--going back to Paris for the first time in five years.  Yes, all the Disneyland Paris photos I've posted since 2014 have been from the same trip, which definitely provided some great photo fodder.  I worry I won't have quite the same luck this time, because currently, rain and cloudy skies are in the forecast for pretty much the entirety of the trip.  I've been blessed with amazing sunsets like the one below, though, during past European vacations, so I suppose this could be the law of averages working itself out.  Still, I hope that a break in the gloomy weather might afford a lovely time at Disneyland Paris on whichever day I choose to go.  We shall see...

A dramatic sunset lights up the sky and clouds over Fantasyland at Disneyland Paris.


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