The International Holiday Glow

Similar to how I post a photo of the Halloween Tree every year (or even twice a season) during Halloween Time, every year around the Christmas season, I also need to post a photo of the dazzling and saturated It's a Small World Holiday.  This incredible facade is spectacular at night, and it always makes for such a wonderfully photogenic holiday scene. 

Though this merry sight hasn't really changed a whole lot over the years, one thing that has changed is the ease with which I can take this photo.  I used to have to blend multiple exposures together, both horizontally for a panorama and across several exposures to capture the dynamic range of the setting, but as I've upgraded camera bodies and switched to faster and more wide angle lenses, the work has gotten considerably easier, to the point where I can now take one show in RAW and get something like the photo below.  Technology... ain't it great?

The colorful and shining lights of It's a Small World Holiday glow brightly during Christmas time!


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