The Castle Up the Street

After passing through the entrance gates and (more than likely) ducking under the railroad tracks and coming onto the opening plaza, it's the first sight that every Magic Kingdom park guest sees: the grand, iconic castle, standing regally in the distance, at the far end of Main Street (or the World Bazaar in Tokyo... or Mickey Avenue in Shanghai).  The castle is the central "weenie" of the park--a focus that attracts attention and draws interest and anchors a guest's position relative to the heart of the park.  There are other "weenies" in other lands, but the castle is the main attraction.  And among all the Magic Kingdoms, there is no central monument that is more alluring and amazing than Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant--Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Paris.  Its grand yet whimsical spires, the hint of a fantastical landscape and foliage on the side, and its storybook visage are unparalleled among all the Disney castles around the world, and it never fails to have a magnetic effect to all who behold it!

Paris' Sleeping Beauty Castle, looking up from Main Street.


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