Cheers to Captain Jacques

The Disneyland Paris version of Pirates of the Caribbean is very similar to the original Disneyland version--with one key difference.  The ride is chronologically in order.  Rather than see the aftermath of all that buccaneer marauding like in Walt Disney's original Magic Kingdom, the Parisian Pirates jumps right into the swashbuckling action with swing overhead pirates and battles and looting.  It's not till the end that guests see the pirates in their skeletal form.  But in between, there are familiar beats, including the appearance of Jack Sparrow in several scenes.  His final appearance features him surrounded by treasure, but a few differences--like the inclusion of the squawking parrot found after guests return up the waterfall to New Orleans Square in Disneyland California and a more open scenic setting--mark out Paris' unique version.

I gotta admit, though... I think I like the Parisian version better.  Not only does it have a couple extra cool scenes, but the chronological order makes more sense to me.

Of course, to each their own.

Captain Jack Sparrow enjoys his bountiful treasure in Disneyland Paris' Pirates of the Caribbean.


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