Encamped Outside the Temple

After several years of putting it off, I've finally been diving into my Disneyland Resort photos and sorting and organizing them more comprehensively.  One observation I've found is that I have a severe lacking of photos from the Indiana Jones Adventure.  Part of this is because the popular attraction is often packed, and I don't want to wait in line.  But another part is... well... actually, I have no justification.  The queue is exotic and moody, the ride is a photographic challenge but features exhilarating scenes, and the overarching spirit of adventure pervades this E-Ticket from the queue to the ride transports to the very last rolling boulder. 

I guess that means when it's finally safe to go back to Disneyland, I better make a few runs to stock up on my photo catalog!

A glowing jeep in the queue for the Indiana Jones Adventure.


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