Morning Cool over Ornament Valley

It might be Monday, but I'm dipping into the nostalgia archives by posting a photo from a Disney 24 Hour Day event from nearly six years ago.  It seems unthinkable now (well, especially since the parks have been closed for nine months), but for a few years, Disney held all-nighter events, keeping the parks open till the following morning--first to celebrate Leap Day back in 2012, and running several years in a row through Disneyland's 60th Anniversary in 2015.  This photo was taken the morning of their most recent event... a pretty, puffy sky over Cars Land, and a scenic reward for the sleep deprivation.

Who knows if Disney will ever do one of these again, but it's nice to look back to memories of trips past. 

A morning blue hour creeps toward sunrise at Disney California Adventure in a shot from years ago.


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