Stormtrooper Salutations

 Just over a year ago, I was basking from the glow of having ridden Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance for the first time.  This incredible, ground-breaking E-Ticket represented the pinnacle of Disney Imagineering and technology, rolling an incredibly immersive ride and experience into a (usually) seamless, spectacle that saw us join the Resistance, get capture by the First Order, and make a harrowing escape back to Batuu.  There are so many astounding moments from this attraction, but perhaps the most jaw-dropping remains that first reveal of entering a First Order Star Destroyer and being greeted by a legion of Stormtroopers--and som stern First Order officials.  It's an instant photo op moment, and one I can't wait to enjoy again!

A most intimidating welcome party awaits captured Resistance spies on Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.


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