Guardians from Quite Afar

The Collector's Fortress (fka The Hollywood Tower Hotel) looms tall and forebodingly from any angle at Disney California Adventure.  Thanks to its imposing and tall stature, it's visible from a variety of themed lands in the park.  In the afternoons, though, the view from the Parade Corridor provides a direct line of the tower with the setting sun illuminating it.  In this golden light, the building itself almost becomes a jewel, and though its exterior is still exceedingly gaudy, the warm hues at least lend some sort of visual consistency!

Also, I wanted to play with my super telephoto and see how I could compose this attraction from other areas of the park far, far away!

Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: Breakout! looms in the distance, as seen from Pacific Wharf.


  1. It makes for a cool pic but by far that is my least favorite ride.

    1. I think the exterior looks terrible still, but I actually enjoy the actual ride more than Tower. Florida Tower is better, but Guardian's is fun and has actual multiple drop sequences, which I always wished our ToT had gotten.


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