Calypso to Caldera

At Tokyo Disney Sea, the back of the park seems to clear out pretty quickly and notably before the end of the night--at least based on my two experiences visiting the park back in 2015 and 2016.  That leaves some pretty wonderfully tranquil evenings taking in scenes and composing lovely vistas to capture on camera.  In the angle below, Mount Prometheus--that towering volcano at the center of both Mysterious Island and the entire park--strikes an eerie and portentous pose, contrasting with the palm trees and colorful Caribbean aesthetic of Mermaid Lagoon.  The still waterways and quiet walkways give a sense of calm and reflection, and this photo is one of those that brings with it the memory of the moment, in all its zenlike beauty, that enhances my vacation memories and evokes powerful nostalgia for this spectacular theme park!

Mount Prometheus rises up from the tropical calypso of Mermaid Lagoon.


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