Noon at the Sanctum

Over the past year of visiting the Disneyland Resort since the annual passes were restored, I have seen all of the shows that occur within Avengers Campus--except for one.  The Dr. Strange performance at the Ancient Sanctum remains the one instance of entertainment I have not been able to witness, in part because I don't typically plan my visits around targeting the Marvel shows at Disney California Adventure.  One positive to missing the show here, however, is that I can take photos without people of this sacred space to the not-quite-Sorcerer Supreme.  Although I think it definitely looks a lot better during the nighttime, I also appreciate the ability to get a daytime photo of a Disney park scene unobstructed, since that is typically pretty rare.  And maybe one of these days, I'll time my passing by to coincide with a show performance too!

The Ancient Sanctum during the daytime at Avengers Campus.


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