A Port Discovery Evening

The first time I visited Tokyo Disney Sea in 2015, Aquatopia was not open, because it happened to be under refurbishment.  Fortunately, when I returned the following year, the whimsical attraction was operating, and not only did I enjoy a spin on this trackless water ride, I also enjoyed strolling the futuristic seaport environment around the attraction.  Here, the designers seemed to take a cue from Disneyland Paris' Discoveryland and create a high tech-looking architecture of a setting that never was, evoking a bit of the steampunk and Jules Verne-inspired aesthetics that rendered Discoveryland.  The color scheme, in particular, is very familiar and would evoke comparisons by anyone who's visited both parks.  The result is a cozy themed port of call that is still photogenic in its own way, especially with the bountiful water elements all around, and fun photo opportunities like this look at the approach to Aquatopia's loading station.

Approaching Aquatopia at Tokyo Disney Sea.


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