Never Gonna Give Keys Up

Once upon a time, in the pillaging village scene that saw pirates lustfully chasing after townsladies, there was one pirate sitting near a barrel in the foreground of the scene holding up a camisole while a lady pops up in a barrel behind him, appearing unclothed, trying to cover her modesty.  It's a scene that was original to the ride, but folks these days might not believe that Disney could ever be so risque back in the day.  Eventually, the PC police caught up to the ride, which mean that the scene had to be redone, and the understandably bashful damsel was replaced by Jack Sparrow--and the pirate clutching a key to the treasure while under the impression that he was alone.  Naturally, Jack would later use the key to claim the treasure for himself, but the salty old pirate would never be any the wiser, since he seemed much more interested in bragging about his advantage over Captain Jack.  Guess that's why they say don't count your eggs before the chickens come to hatch--or in this case, a pirate treasure map is used with the possessor none the wiser!

Just wanted to a Rick Astley reference.


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