A Festive House of Phantasms

After photographing the Disneyland Resort for well over a decade, it can be pretty exciting when I find a new iconic shot taken from a different angle that changes the look of how I've photographed a subject so many times before.  Such is the case with this photo, which frames the Haunted Mansion Holiday behind some nighttime greenery both high and low to provide a relatively head-on shot that still feels like the mansion is being discovered. With the shrubbery slightly out of focus in the foreground and the mansion crisp in the background, and in all of its luminous glory, the resulting scene looks very spiffy.  The stately and festive scene hints at how Jack has wrecked the halls within, but it's still a lovely calm outside.

The holiday Haunted Mansion, framed by the lush foliage of the grounds.


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