The Many Angles of the Headless Horseman

For years, I've been trying to get these pristine, tripod-assisted full shots of the Headless Horseman figure at Disney California Adventure's Buena Vista Street during Halloween Time. But I could rarely get something I was completely satisfied with--either there were people in the background, or the composition was off, or the lighting changed to something unfavorable in the course of my long exposure.  Well, turns out that maybe I should have just been taking a completely different approach.  On Friday, I went to the park with the newest lens in my Nikon arsenal, an 85mm f/1.8 Nikkor lens that I purchased last year that is fantastic for portrait photography.  And that focal length and fast lens gave me some compositions that I ended up very happy with--and I didn't even have to set up my tripod for long exposures!

I'm sure I can get even better quality photos by using a tripod next time, but for speed purposes, I'm quite pleased with how this set of pictures came out, showcasing the different sides of the sinister Headless Horseman and his menacing steed!


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