Outside the Court of Angels

Most past years, my Christmas Day post has featured one of those empty, pristine, luminous photos of the Sleeping Beauty Winter Castle all aglow in its holiday splendor. So to mix things up I thought I'd feature a series in New Orleans Square--specifically the gate that use to mark the entrance to the Court of Angels before it was annexed by Club 33.  Where once was a open gateway now stands a lovely but bittersweet stained glass gate that blocks one of Disneyland's former secret hideaways from the masses.  And while that loss was a shame the ambiance around this part of New Orleans Square is still a brilliant, romantic, and nostalgic space.  And while it's normally busy with the hustle and bustle of holiday flow, seeing it serene and silent at the end of the night adds an extra sense of specialness to the ambiance.  

Likewise, may you enjoy a special and tranquil Christmas!


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