The Holiday Partners

I've been too busy to stay late at the Disneyland Resort these days and capture those end-of-night, empty park shots that are so fun to shoot.  So in the interim, it's an activity of finding fun compositions while the crowds are still out and about.  One relatively convenient one is framing the Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse Partners Statue in the middle of The Hub against the glowing and glistening Sleeping Beauty Winter Castle beyond.  The statue was refurbished just a few years ago, and it's been quite bronzed ever since--the look of its original unveiling back 30 years ago in 1993.  This forms a stark contrast to the coolness of the castle lighting, but it's a fun juxtaposition--especially with a fast portrait lens that can turn the draped castle lights in the background into colorful bokeh!  It's an easy composition to snap, and full of holiday ambiance!

Walt and Mickey in front of the winter castle.


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