Tractors in the Pasture

I like this shot of Mater's Junkyard Jamboree. It reminds me of a group of cows grazing in a pasture, if only the cows were little tractors.  And that's the point, right?  In the world of Cars Land, everything carries a personification of things we see in real life--just in automotive form!  So when Mater has rounded up a herd of tractors, he's pretty much done just that.

It doesn't hurt that the ride itself is surprisingly fun.  Everything is set within a series of turntables, similar to the infrastructure for Francis' Ladybug Boogie in A Bug's Land. But rather than spinning riders to reckless abandon, these carriages whip them left and right, providing the glee-inducing fun of a scrambled eggs ride.  All the while, Mater croons a catchy tune to the whole jamboree.

Best of all, Mater's consistently has the shortest waits in Cars Land.  So if Racers and Luigi's have you discouraged with their lines, take a spin in Mater's Junkyard.  Just... no tipping please.

Mator's tractors waiting to square dance.


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