Carthay Circle Fountain at Night

At the center of Carthay Circle is a pretty little (well, not that little) art deco fountain.  It's a beautiful place to psychologically cool down in the middle of the day, or rest during the evening.  The design of the fountain isn't overly elaborate, but it really doesn't have to be.  It blends in very well within its 1920s LA surroundings, and provides a wonderful water source around which people like to gather.

Juxtaposed against the Carthay Circle Restaurant, the scene makes a pretty convincing argument that you've been transplanted back to the era when Walt Disney first arrived in Southern California.  And on a warm, summer evening, it's a pretty blissful place to spend at least a few moments when you're in Buena Vista Street.

Carthay Circle Fountain, with California Adventure park's newest "weenie" (or park icon) in the back.

A closeup of the fountain, with the pretty tile work and intricate Art Deco detailing on display.

A close-up of the top of the fountain.


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