The Saga Begins

A few days ago, Disney made a bombshell announcement with their acquisition of Lucasfilm for a cool $4 billion.  In honor of that, I give you the attraction inspired by George Lucas' most famous creation, Star Tours.  Named after that legendary explorer, Dr. Albert Tours.  Wait, no, not actually.  But Star Tours has been thrilling fans ever since it opened in 1987, and after last year's re-debut--now with 54 possible experience combinations--it has new wings to last another couple of decades.  But why wait that long?  Disney has already announced that Star Wars Episode VII will be released in 2015, and there plans for additional films "every two or three years."  What exciting content that might become for this most diverse simulator ride!

Of course, I'll always miss Captain Rex.  He was aboard my first flight on Star Tours, and coincidentally, it was his too.

Star Tours at night!


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