Season's Speedings

You're greeted with the new motto of the season when you enter Cars Land now: "Season's Speedings!" and the very warmest holiday wishes to you.  For Christmas time, Cars Land has been dressed in its finest noel-inspired regalia.  Snowflakes made from wrenches... wreaths of ivy and air filters...1 tire ribbons... the details are everywhere--all Cars inspired, and all delightfully creative.

It's fantastic what's been done in DCA's newest land for the holiday season, and in the upcoming weeks, I'll be posting more photos from Cars Land and Buena Vista Street (as well as the rest of the Resort, of course).  Stay tuned, it's going to be a wild and festive ride!

Christmas decorations hanging over the main drag of Radiator Springs.

1 Thanks to regular reader David L. for pointing out my brain fart. They're air filters, of course, not radiators, as I had previously called them. The lesson as always--if prescheduling and blogging late at night, proofread.


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