The Carthay Manhattan

Within the Carthay Circle Restaurant and Lounge, there is a cocktail one may order which may be the most sophisticated cocktail Disney has ever offered.  It is called the Carthay Manhattan, and it comes with a demonstration that is every bit as delightful as the drink itself.

Upon ordering, a series of supplies are brought to presentation.  There are the ingredients, of course--Bulleit Rye Small Batch American Whiskey, Carpano Antica Sweet Vermouth, and Angostura Bitters, along with a garnish of Luxardo Gourmet Maraschino cherries. And then there is a sleek golden cylinder.

 This cylinder is the magic behind the wonderful small ball of awesomeness known as the ice sphere.  A core of ice is placed in the middle of the cylinder, and the shear weight and density of the half above is allow to settle onto the ice.  This creates enough pressure to melt the core of ice into a perfect sphere.

Meanwhile, the rest of the ingredients are prepared within a glass shaker.  The whiskey, very crisp and pure, is mixed with a bit of ice, the sweet vermouth, and bitters.

When everything is ready, the ice sphere is placed into a martini glass, and the Manhattan is pour in and garnished with the exceedingly rich and flavorful cherries.  They may be Maraschino cherries, but these aren't the type that go on a sundae.  The exceptional sweetness and tart reflect a more sophisticated fruit that pares very well with the cocktail itself.

It is, to modify a phrase, drink and a show.  The presentation is nicely done, and to see the ice sphere created is to undergo an almost childlike glee--despite the very grown up nature of the drink and ambiance.  So next time you're at the bar at the Carthay Circle Lounge, or if you're even so fortunate as to be able to visit the exclusive 1901 lounge, give it an order.  You shouldn't regret it.


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